My life is an amazing journey An endless treasure hunt for remote cultures. A jurney beyond the surface, beyond the rush, transcending the easy, far from what meets the eye.

My trips

Vibrant and exotic

Traveling to

Deep roots, living culture

Traveling to

Ancient culture

Traveling to

Ancestral traditions

Traveling to

Full of color culture

Traveling to

The Treasures

I travel in search of authenticity. I travel to faraway destinations, places wich keep ancient cultures, intact mythical traditions, ancestral ethnic comunities that remaind us that the magic is still possible.
From each journey I bring you hidden treasures that now became a part of us, of our most precious personal affairs. Thus, from our deepest respect for their significance, we give them a new splendor

The Hats

When I´m not traveling creativity needs to flow out in same way.

And that is when I go back to my roots: the hats

My hats are handmade. Born from my hands right from the start, shaping them with millinery techniques, moldising, ironing, using the hat cords, iron pins…
In the customizating process I pour everything I´ve learned in my travels, everything I am. Everything I love
The treasures what I find from my travels will appear certanly in my hats. As wel as colorful or fire tattoos and pearcings, embroidering and waxing. All techniques are welcome to create beauty, unique and forever pieces of art. The hats reflect the treasure hunt pieces from faraway lands.